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Does Bea's have a lower price for seven year old kids

Yes. Also senior rates

What is the standard price?

Kids 6 and under are cheaper. Think it's nearly half price of adult. Or use to be. Adults are $13.25

Do they have a lazy Susan? I was in Chattanooga years ago and ate at a restaurant with one.

Yes! They always have for as long as my three generations of family have been going to eat there. Easily one of our favorite places. (They are pictured on the restaurant's Google page)

I love y'all food it was good when I was there on 5-10-2018 and I'm coming back

Best food anywhere! Great price for all you can eat....fresh food, nice folks! Dont miss it...

Do they have fried okra and meatloaf?

Never seen Meatloaf. But the fried chicken is awesome! You will forget about wanting any meatloaf!! It's GOOOOOD!!

What is the menu price

All you can eat. The price is $12.50 + tax, includes drinks. Senior price $11.50+ tax. Children's pricing also available.

Do you all serve fish? If so what type and can I get it to go?

Yeah they serve catfish n u can have to go if u want as well as fried chicken....p.s. VERY GOOD 👍

How much does Beas cost to eat?

$15. A. Person

Do they have take out?

Yes, they do! I have seen people coming in and getting plates to go and also, people asking the waitress to fix them a plate off of the table after they eat.

Does Bea's still honour Birthday's

Yes, they honor birthdays

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